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New School R&B with a Familiar Flavor

“Hey, That’s me too!” An expression connecting what humans of all kinds are made of: not knowing anything, but using what we have to inspire us to live through life. You choose. Being true to yourself, if you get the humbling opportunity to, is the epitome of Etoo. Eternally extraordinary. We are all different. Humble enough to be wrong, but humble enough to know you can get back up.  We are all at fault. This experience is a happy medium that transforms itself into one’s fallen egotistical creativity.  We all have the abilities to go beyond ourself, to do something for more than just the self. We can excel past our faults and own understanding - this is my time.  His first single will be available February 2022. Scroll down and checkout Etoo cover song "Get You" By Daniel Caesar and Etoo album interlude "Hearts Desire."

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